TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned many things from TalkShop most especially on how to increase my confidence and how to communicate well using English. I really like the design of their workshop. It was very informative. The TalkShop consultants are competent in their work. Because of the TalkShop, I am now courageous to speak in front of many people!

Medelyn Cedo, Astellas Pharma Philippines

I have learned a lot of things from the TalkShop communication training such as English proficiency, addressing grammar errors, and being confident in speaking in front of people. Workshop has a unique design that has touched every one of us. The TalkShop consultants know how to boost our confidence. They are very active, dynamic, inspiring speakers. They will always adjust to stretch our capacity. I gained confidence and lessened my stage fright. I am very thankful to TalkShop consultants. I hope that more people will be able to get the things you have shared with us. They are all very helpful. Good job TalkShop!

Janice Bergonio, Astellas Pharma Philippines

I learned a lot most especially when it comes to grammar. The workshop design is substantial and concrete. What I like the most was the detailing practice with different customers. Ms. Sheila knew what she is teaching and she does it with confidence. I gained my confidence back especially in talking in front of the crowd. I want to improve more on proper posture while doing this. Overall, the training has been truly excellent. Thanks for everything TalkShop.

Aileen C. Advincula, Astellas Pharma Philippines

I learned a lot most especially on grammar, public speaking, proper grooming, and salesmanship, as well as negotiation skills. What I like the most was the public speaking session and lessons on how to write business letters. The TalkShop consultants are very accommodating. They corrected our mistakes in a positive way. They made us very important. I learned to conquer a little my fear of speaking in front of my colleagues. Thanks TalkShop! Job well done!

Delyn C. Reyes, Astellas Pharma Philippines

I learned excellent things from the TalkShop. The design of the workshop is great and well-presented by the consultants. They are so good and knowledgeable about the subject. The training made me more confident. I will continue to learn more on how to present myself properly. Thanks TalkShop!

Kim de la Pea, Astellas Pharma Philippines

This workshop motivated me to be more confident in presenting to an audience. I was enriched by relevant knowledge that can be used in my field. I am looking forward to follow-up workshops with TalkShop. What I like the most was the part that they taught us to deliver our message strongly and to impress the customer as we give what they want. I really admire Mark in the way he presented himself to us, the way he shared his experiences to us. Robert is so knowledgeable about his presentation and he presented a very good executive look. The 4 days of workshop was well worth it. Robert asked me during phone interview on what I expect. I can say now that I did not get disappointed. Thank you to my company for investing in us and choosing the right company to do it excellently.

Mark Anthony Gubat, Astellas Pharma Philippines, Inc.

I learned a lot from TalkShop. Days 1 and 2 really interest me the most because a lot of things which I thought were correct are not at all. Ms. Sheila was really impressive. She knows what she is teaching which makes her sessions very interesting. There are many transformative effects that TalkShop did for me. They made me realize the important usage of prepositions and writing letters. I want to learn more on creating modules suitable for selling and detailing techniques in pharmaceutical business in the Philippines.

Rochelle Anne Onte, Astellas Pharma Philippines

It was such an inspiring and wonderful experience. My communication skills were enhanced. I like the part when we gave the chance to speak in front and share our thoughts and ideas. The TalkShop consultants are so witty and intelligent. I gained a lot of confidence because of this training. I want to learn more on Public Speaking and hoping that TalkShop would be our leader. Thanks TalkShop!

Jonelyn Tobias, Astellas Pharma Philippines

The TalkShop training was very light and it made me feel more comfortable. It was easy for us to express what we have in mind. The first two days helped us a lot. TalkShop unleashed our potential for sure. I commend Ms. Sheila Viesca for helping us improve our communication skills by doing the exercises.

Junarc D. Delloro, Astellas Pharma Philippines

I learned a lot from this workshop most especially on how to communicate better with other people. What I like the most was presenting in front of the audience. The TalkShop consultants are very impressive. Because of TalkShop, I can say that I am now a better salesman. I did enjoy the workshop most especially the lessons in grammar, pronunciation, proper grooming, and proper posture. With this workshop, I developed confidence in myself and how to deal with persons from different levels and in higher position.

Regina Marie B. Digmanoy, Astellas Pharma Philippines


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