TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I have so much to say about TalkShop. It’s helped me learn so much and was very helpful in teaching me how to make emails and reports. We skipped a lot of topics in the workbook but the consultant told us the rest was for us to review. Reviewing the topics really helped me a lot; I just wish we could’ve spent more time talking about them. The TalkShop consultant was very good; she teaches very well. I will definitely use what I’ve learned from her to improve my English and writing skills.

Ronald Orozco, Professional

I learned how to write emails and use proper grammar because of TalkShop. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the grammar exercises so much but the TalkShop consultant was so nice and great at teaching. I still want to learn more about how to speak in front of a crowd and how t read speeches. Given the chance I’d want to take up Public Speaking along with writing and grammar mastery.

Efricina “Sheina” M. Baron, Professional

The TalkShop workshop was very informative. I highly recommend the TalkShop consultant to be our teacher again in the next workshop. She’s accommodating an expert at English proficiency. Because of her I’ve become more confident in conversing with others in English. I still want to learn more about public speaking and conversational English. I think Leadership Training would be a great program too once it’s available.

Rona V. Ruisin, Professional

The TalkShop Communication Training was well done. Even the workshop design was well thought out and creative. TalkShop has done so much for me and made me a better person. I still want to learn more though and believe TalkShop can help me learn more in the future.

Chrisbifel Gregorio, Professional

TalkShop is great! The programs are well done and the workshop design is very good. The TalkShop consultant is not only beautiful but also very kind and understanding. Because of her I want to improve my spoken and written communication skills even more. I’m sure anyone who’s tried TalkShop will come back wanting for more. In fact, in my next workshop I want to learn more about presentation skills from Talkshop’s number one consultant, Sheila Viesca. I only have one complaint about TalkShop, and that it’s not long enough. I really wish it were longer, at the very least 3 days.

Marvin Bituin, Professional

I really liked the workshop. It made me realize that there are so many things I need to improve. The TalkShop consultant really knew the subject well and broadened my views on how to deal with difficult situations. I still want to learn how to present in front of a crowd so I’ll be coming back to TalkShop very soon. It’s the best school for me to learn English! I can’t wait for my next session.

Gian Carlo Cobarrubias, Technical Staff

The TalkShop lessons are excellent! I thank my company for letting me attend such a great training. I learned to have confidence when giving a speech. I realized there’s still so much room for improvement on my part. Thankfully the TalkShop consultants are great! They are very nice and also very creative. In the future I want to become a great presenter. I believe TalkShop can help me accomplish this because it is the best English school in the Philippines! I also want to take up their effective presentation program.

Michael D. Castillo, Technical Service Specialist——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

I learned a lot from the basic principles of negotiation. I especially found the win-win situation method to be very educational. The TalkShop workshop design is very good. The unique teaching method was very effective and the consultant was a very good speaker. I still want to learn more skills that I can apply in my everyday life. This is why I want to come back to TalkShop to learn about interviewing skills.

Genalyn DG. Ong-iko, Professional

I wanted to be an effective negotiator and so I took up the Assertiveness and Negotiation Training workshop at TalkShop. Thanks to the TalkShop consultant my negotiation skills improved. TalkShop really is the best training school in the Philippines. This is why I plan to visit them again and learn more on presentation and how to motivate other people.

Shirley Manumbas, Office Staff

The workshop design is very good! I think it was good that they included a film-viewing activity. The TalkShop consultant is the best! Thank you, Ms. Sheila, for teaching me to be more assertive and negotiate effectively with different people. I will definitely pay TalkShop a visit. It’s the best school in the Philippines! I want to learn how to be an effective leader and speaker. TalkShop is definite the school that can teach me these things.

Jane Quinsanos, Production Engineer 2


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