TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

I learned a lot more than I thought I would from TalkShop. I realized in this workshop how powerful a smile can be. I really enjoyed the dialogue exercises. I liked the design of the workshop as well. It was well-organized and well-planned. The consultants, Ms. Sheila and Mrs.Pilar, are really knowledgeable in the English language. They transformed me into a better English speaker and effective communicator. Apart from what I was advised to improve, I can only think of one other program I want to take: Technical Writing. I realized in the workshop that TalkShop is definitely the best English training provider in the Philippines so I’m definitely enrolling with them again for Technical Writing.

Reginald Micu, SMMCS, Teacher

The TalkShop experience taught me so much about English communication. TalkShop gave me the opportunity to practice my public speaking skills and improve my English. The consultants are approachable and have a very good sense of humor. I gained more confidence and was able to raise my self-esteem. I really wanted to improve my grammar because I often make grammatical errors when writing. I just found out how amazing TalkShop really is. I’m now sure it’s the best English training provider for Technical Writing and Grammar Mastery.

Janette M. Abece, SMMCS, Teacher

TalkShop taught me so much about English communication like how to properly pronounce words and the do’s and don’ts of social etiquette. I liked the whole design of the workshop and the consultants are very approachable especially when they smile. I learned that smiling and speaking in a happy manner is the proper way to speak English. Thank you, TalkShop, for teaching me how to speak English properly! TalkShop is definitely the best English training provider in the Philippines!

Mark G. Delmundo, SMCCS, HS Teacher

I can’t possibly mention everything I’ve learned from TalkShop. They taught me so many things that I didn’t know. The design is great. My favorite part was when we got the chance to speak in front of an audience and practice public speaking. I liked how the consultants corrected me in a positive and helpful way. The workshop also made me more confident. I think the next thing that I want to improve now is my writing skills. That will be my next course in TalkShop, the best English. See you soon TalkShop team!

Aleli L. Tuprio, SMCCS, Teacher

Thanks to TalkShop I learned how to communicate, speak correctly, and always smile. It was fabulous! I really liked the part where we used the speech lab to practice speaking. I loved the speech drills! Ms. Sheila and Mrs. Pilarare such excellent English teachers! They transformed me into being a good speaker and helped increase my confidence. TalkShop provides the best Personality Development training program. I’ll be sure to enroll again!

Leny Balingit, SMCCS, Teacher

TalkShop taught me how to pronounce difficult words. The drills are so much fun and the extemporaneous speeches very challenging. The consultants are definitely the best English trainers in the Philippines. They are positive and able to encourage and inspire me. I became more confident because of the seminar and even found my voice in public speaking. I know I’m not the best speaker yet but people tell me I’ve become one of the best and that makes me happy. Higly convinced that TalkShop is the best English school in Public Speaking, I’m definitely enrolling again there.

Michelle M. Velasquez, SMCCS, Teacher

I definitely learned a lot in TalkShop. It was an excellent experience that I’ll never forget! The designs are effective and enjoyable like the speech drills which helped me improve my communication skills. The TalkShop consultants are very approachable and amiable. They are very professional and certainly the experts in English communication. They transformed me to be more confident when speaking in front of many people. I still want to improve my enunciation. I know TalkShop is already the best English training school. This is why I’m definitely participating in TalkShop’s workshop again.

Ma. Eloisa G. Yalong, SMCCS, Teacher

Thanks to TalkShop I learned how to use proper pronunciation and make meaningful conversation. This training has been very helpful and enjoyable for me. Every part of the workshop was geared towards enhancing my thoughts and speech. The TalkShop consultants are also very accommodating. They are truly the best English trainers in the field of Technical Writing. Thanks to them I developed more confidence and can talk to many people.

Crizel Castro, SMCCS, Guidance Councilor

The TalkShop experience was so educational. I liked the activities where we were asked to give speeches, dialogues, and prayers using speech lab. The TalkShop consultants are very professional. They taught us how to use all the materials given to us. There are so effective in teaching. This workshop also helped me realize some of my mistakes in public speaking. The workshop transformed me to become a better speaker. Now I know why everyone says TalkShop is the best English training provider in the Philippines.

Sis. Carlita Panaligan, SMCCS, Administrator

TalkShop taught me a lot on speaking the English language. The design of the workshop was so much fun! I enjoyed the pronunciation drills the most. The TalkShop consultants were also great! They were able to give us ideas on how to reveal our hidden talents. I have more confidence now whenever I talk to my students. I don’t hesitate when using the English language with proper diction, pronunciation, and intonation. I still want to further improve my public speaking skills and learn how to write correctly. TalkShop provides the best English training programs in the Philippines so I’m sure I can improve even more with them. God bless!

Lanie D. Remulta, SMCCS, Teacher


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