TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

The TalkShop Communication Training was really an excellent experience for us. We all are very thankful for the things that they taught us. I learned new things especially in reading and writing. The consultants taught us new techniques for both. The design was well-organized and well-prepared! The TalkShop workshop was very informative and helpful for our daily lives.

Ariel Co, DLPC, Production Supervisor

I learned a lot of skills from the TalkShop that are so useful in my career. Some of the modules were presented really fast but I took my notes so I can review it further. The TalkShop consultant was definitely a very good teacher in English communication. The workshop transformed me into a better English reader and I can now read properly. For future training, I will be glad if you teach me how to improve my writing skills. Thank you!

F. Escalante, Chemer Technologies Inc

I’ve learned lots of things from the TalkShop Communication Training. The consultant helped us to become excellent in our English communication. Before I can�t read English fast but now I’ve improved my reading skills in terms of the speed. I really like all of the designs that they had given to us. In our future training, I would like to have workshops that can help me to become a better writer.

Oliver T. Reyes, Chemer Technoligies Inc.

TalkShop Communication Training helped me learn lots of techniques on grammar and many more that are related to English communication. The TalkShop consultant was very professional and she really mastered the subject well. Thanks for the wonderful training.

Edriano dela Cruz, FIC Marketing Co. Inc.


The TalkShop enhanced and refresh my English communication skills. The design is well-prepared and well-organized. What I liked the most was the role-playing before doing the minutes of a meeting. The consultant was very passionate in her teaching. I am so appreciative of her work. The transformative effect TalkShop did for me was that to fully understand the usage of verbs and correct grammar. I still want to improve my public speaking and management skills.

Fermin L. Weber, Consolidated Explosives Group Corp

I learned much more than I expected. I learned things that are so helpful and useful for me to become productive in my work. The consultant was good and explained the topics well. This TalkShop workshop helped me to be more confident in my writing. I still want to improve my English communication.

Maria Lourdes B. Ariano, Consolidated Explosives Group Corp

I learned a lot from the TalkShop. It helped me impove my writing skills. The workshop is well-balanced, informative and interesting. The TalkShop consultant is great in English. With the help of the consultants and the design, I can speak English with confidence because I know that I can speak it well. Still, I want to improve my public speaking.

Ryan Spitz A. Arnaiz, Consolidated Explosives Group Corp

The TalkShop Communication Training was very refreshing and informative. I enjoyed a lot from it. The consultant is very good in teaching us. She is a perfect educator of English in the Philippines. The transformative effect the TalkShop did for me was that I know how to better analyze my English communication. I still want to improve my pronunciation and grammar.

Vener S. Salas, Consolidated Explosives Group Corp

I learned a lot from the TalkShop especially the correct usage of language and grammar. The design of the workshop was so interesting. I was impressed with the techniques and styles that the consultant taught us. I still want to improve my English communication and letter writing.

Minerva Adolfo, Consolidated Explosives Group Corp

I’ve learned a lot from the TalkShop especially on the proper punctuations, use of prepositions, and correct grammar. Overall, the design of the workshop was very good. The area that I liked the most was the topic about prepositions. The consultant was very nice and gentle in teaching us all the lessons. I think she also mastered English language and I conclude that she was really the best teacher in the Philippines. The workshop enlightened me about proper usage of prepositions since it is very confusing and difficult to analyze. I still want to improve my skills in public speaking since I’m not that good when it comes to speaking. You could offer team building or leadership training to us for our future training.

Mark Louis M. Ignacio, Consolidated Explosives Group Corp


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