TalkShop clients share their learning experiences from workshops in speech, writing, leadership, and personality development.

This seminar taught me how to communicate in English well. I can now construct a grammatically correct sentence and use the proper terms in writing. The TalkShop consultant is great at teaching! Thanks to her I’m now more confident in composing emails and letters in the office. The next thing I want to learn is how to speak fluently.

Sammy Angat, Controllership, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

I want to thank TalkShop for sharing their knowledge with us. They made me realize the importance of correct grammar and proper pronunciation. I learned that English isn’t difficult or complicated but fun and simple. I got to enrich my knowledge in both oral and written communication. I also got to overcome my fear of public speaking. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned at work.

Girlie Castro, Business and Domestic Staff, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

I learned a lot about business writing and can compose my own business letters now. I especially enjoyed composing my own speech about the best lesson I learned in life. I was surprised though that we would be delivering this speech in front of everyone. But I am thankful because I was able to develop my speaking skills thanks to this activity.

Jennifer R. Dalupang, Treasury Analyst, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

The workshop has so many relevant topics that are very helpful for work. I learned the value of being an effective reader and writer. All of the topics were well-explained by the consultant. The consultant is very effective as a speaker and excellent in teaching English. I want to learn how to speak just like her in the future and so I look forward to enrolling in TalkShop’s Speech Eloquence Program.

Mariflor Pelaro, Admin Assistant, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

There are so many expressions in English that tend to confuse me but the workshop really helped clear those confusions. I learned a lot about prepositional idioms, superfluities, and parallelism. I also got to learn about subject-verb agreement. The TalkShop consultant, Ms. Sheila, is very intelligent, nice, beautiful, and professional in her demeanor. I want to learn some tips on Protocol Training from her in the near future.

John Jefferson Flores, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

I’m glad I got to join the Grammar Mastery and Business Writing Workshop. It turns out there are so many confusing exceptions in English but the consultant simplified the rules and made it easy for me to understand. I especially liked the part where the speaker explained the difference between the terms I commonly got confused with. The consultant, Ms. Sheila, is very spontaneous and knowledgeable about the topic. I look forward to learning more from her in our future trainings.

Norla Irene Imbang, System Analyst, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

The Grammar Mastery and Business Writing Workshop gave me a lot of confidence in writing and making emails. I also got to improve my English speaking skills since we were all required to speak in straight English during the entire workshop. I have so much to share with my colleagues now. If ever anyone needs any help in composing their emails they can ask me for help anytime.

Eleanor Cayetano, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

I enjoyed every minute of my stay in the Grammar Mastery and Business Writing Workshop. Ms. Sheila is very patient in teaching and knows how to crack jokes to keep the lessons fun and interesting. I normally get bored and fall asleep during lectures but in TalkShop’s workshop I was wide awake and did not feel bored at all.

Nancy Reyes, Accounting Supervisor, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.

Thanks to this workshop I got to build my confidence in writing letters and essays. The workshop taught me how to use the proper words in technical writing. Ms. Sheila is an expert on languages. Thanks to her I know how to write in English fluently and can construct a grammatically correct email. In the future I want to learn about Speech Eloquence so I plan to enroll again in TalkShop’s workshops.

Edna Marie Realista, Purchasing Coordinator, PJLhuillier Inc.

I want to thank TalkShop for helping me become more mindful of my grammar. I especially enjoyed the lecture on verb tenses. Back in high school I found verb tenses to be very difficult but the consultant made it fun and easy for me to learn about them. I hope there are many more teachers like the consultants of TalkShop.

Zarj Pacia, PJ Lhuillier, Inc.


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