Coaching and Mentoring

When you lead a team, you encounter a mix of personalities, working styles, and different levels of commitment and enthusiasm. Our Coaching and Mentoring course will help you work with each person’s strengths, address the weaknesses, and develop a system that will get the entire team to work together harmoniously and productively.

Who this is for:

Senior executives, managers, and supervisors

What you will learn:

  1. How to define and apply individual and group coaching and mentoring styles
  1. How to identify the who, why, when, what, and how of coaching and mentoring
  1. How to define and practice coaching and mentoring drills and discussions
  1. How to manage strengths, accountability, and special considerations with regard to coaching and mentoring
  1. How to employ improvement measures and monitoring tools


  1. Newfound confidence in dealing with the individuals in your team
  1. A motivated, more positive team
  1. The ability to become a trusted leader
  1. The ability to get your team to work productively and more competently


TalkShop uses Integrated Language Teaching. This means 30% of the course is comprised of facilitator-based discussions while 70% is dedicated to an interactive learning experience through:

  • Practical Role-play Scenarios
  • Guided Communication Activities
  • VTR Sessions
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Situational Leadership  Drills

Course Outline

I.         Definitions

II.     Dealing with Confidence Issues

III.    How to Read People

IV.    Listening and Responding Skills

V.     Motivating and Guiding

VI.    How to Stay Positive

VII.   Self Assessment

VIII.  Giving Feedback

IX.    Thinking Out of the Box

X.     Assisting in Personal Issues

XI.    How to (Re)build Relationships

XII.   Inspiring Performance Excellence

XIII.  Professional Development Guidance

XIV.  Performance Measures

Course duration:

20 hours


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