Officers of the Philippine Navy, the naval warfare service branch of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and one of the country’s three uniformed services, get trained by TalkShop in Public Speaking and Power Presentation.

While typical military officers will not bat an eye when deployed to dangerous missions, a good number of them will cringe when tasked to deliver a speech.  At the same time, as military leaders progress up through the ranks, the demand for language proficiency becomes more pronounced. Thus, the Naval Education and Training Command , the Philippine Navy’s institution of learning,  has tapped the expertise of TalkShop, with Ms. Sheila Viesca as lead proctor to enhance the communication confidence, audience credibility, and authoritative eloquence of our men in uniform.

Read on to get a glimpse of how the TalkShop workshop experience has further motivated our naval personnel to enhance their proficiency and pursue more communication opportunities as they progress in their naval careers.


Bryner Las, Student Officer, Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

It’s easy to forget what we know about effective communication as we play our respective roles in the field.  Ms. Viesca has reminded me to keep getting better at it. This workshop helped me a lot in organizing my ideas more clearly and understandably, using various frameworks. Sometimes what we is just the mold to shape our gold. Kudos TalkShop!

I learned techniques and framework in crafting and delivering good communications. I like giving of techniques and framework on how to organize the thoughts before delivering it.

TalkShop Consultants are really knowledgeable of the topic and let the audience participate in the activity.




Lt. John Lobaton PN, Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

I’m so grateful to the command for having TakShop give us an awesome experience in public speaking so we can become eloquent public speakers and the best leaders that the Philippine Navy and the whole AFP can be proud of. Thank you, TalkShop for this great experience you gave us.

I learned so much from Ms. Sheila in terms of personality development and effective communication. I like the practicum the most for it gave us a personal experience of practicing in front of an audience. And I was able to overcome my fear of talking.


Lt. Nolan Tigaronita, Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

I learned a lot and built my confidence in public speaking. This workshop  has added to my skill as a public speaker. I learned a lot. The program design is good. I understand it and it’s easy to apply.

The TalkShop Consultants, Ms. Sheila and Caloy,  are professional and energetic. I can’t wait to meet them again in another workshop. I learned to be confident and organized in speaking.



Anonymous, Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

I learned a lot. I just need to apply and practice it. The program is excellent. I want to improve myself more in public speaking.

Ms. Sheila is good, kind, and very helpful to us. The workshop has taught me to process my thoughts before speaking.


Lt. Allanigui, Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

I’ve learned so much that I almost removed my shyness in public speaking. I am very confident now to speak in front because of the learning. I hope there will be more of this and that other officers will experience the same. I am privileged to be a student of TalkShop.

It’s very hands on. The program design is very coherent and very useful.

Ms. Sheila Viesca is very competent and credible. The workshop has developed my confidence.




Lt. Jeffrey Esteban , Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

I have learned a lot from this workshop.  From TalkShop’s Media Training, I even learned how to answer unexpected questions. I learned to communicate with confidence as I constantly improve my capability to speak in front of an audience.

The program was designed to teach students to have confidence and improve ability to speak. The TalkShop Consultants are very generous, accommodating, and approachable. Thank you TalkShop for transforming me into a good speaker.


Cpt. Ma. Rowena Muyuela, Philippine Navy, Public Speaking & Power Presentation

I’m very thankful to the NOSC Faculty for coming up with this type of workshop and grateful as well to Ms. Sheila and Caloy for their generosity of imparting basic tools to become a good communicator.

I learned a lot through comprehensive tools presented to us. I like the exercises the most. No doubt, TalkShop Consultants are very effective. Their workshop has helped one to be assertive as I apply the lectures to be an effective communicator.