Grammar Mastery is a Must

While good grammar is not the be-all, end-all, it can spell the big difference between someone who can communicate the message clearly and someone who communicates garbled script. The ... Continue Reading →

International Labour Organization Manila Office Taps TalkShop Anew

  TalkShop works anew with the International Labour Organization, the only tripartite U.N. agency. Represented locally by the ILO Country Office for the Philippines (ILO Manila), ... Continue Reading →

Manulife Financial personnel share their feedback on TalkShop’s Grammar Mastery Workshop

  At TalkShop, lessons in grammar are more than exercises to gain proficiency in sentence construction.  It is about the practical application and expression of everything an ... Continue Reading →

On Being Positive Part 2

COMMUNICATE CONSTRUCTIVELY In dealing with people and difficult situations, it pays to be objective and constructive with our communication. These would entail: SELF AWARENESS Admittance ... Continue Reading →

On Being Positive Part 1

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM Watch out! How do you react to people with whom you carry unfavorable bias? Examine your motives and reactions. The myopic tendency in allowing ... Continue Reading →

TIEZA Managers Recommend TalkShop

 Management Communication WorkShop TalkShop has recently concluded the training for the first of two batches of Tourism Infrastructure & Enterprise Zone Authority’s (TIEZA) ... Continue Reading →

Fortifying Communication to Foster the Coaching Culture

  Fostering the coaching culture means fortifying the communication skills of individuals and teams.  Thankfully, the beauty in learning effective communication is that it applies ... Continue Reading →

Leadership Made Meaningful

Leadership is one of the most crucial yet vital qualities any individual could have, be it on personal or professional level. This lofty skill has always been a matter of perplexity ... Continue Reading →

Make Good Employees Stay

  One of the reasons a company encounters high employee turnover is the quality of management. While a competitive salary is a given factor, the leadership plays a major factor ... Continue Reading →

Times May Have Changed but Right Conduct Does Not

  Times have changed. The young are more assertive, more vocal. Hardly would you see young men offering their seat to women and the elderly. “Po and opo, mano po” are no longer ... Continue Reading →
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