TalkShop art of writing tips

Anyone Can Master the Art of Writing Well

Writing is not just for writers. In school, one has to tackle essay type exams, write a thesis, come up with analyses. At work, one has to prepare progress reports, compose business ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop tips to manage stress

How to Manage Workplace Stress

Companies are streamlining, requiring workers to multi-task. With a smaller work force to take on additional load, it is not surprising for team members to feel burnt out. This could ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop baby boomer tips

Baby Boomer Workplace Realities: The 8 Lessons from the Smart, Driven Seniors

Fifty something’s are getting a bum rap these days. Many have put in experience, know-how, and commitment, only to face discrimination, unfair treatment, and insecurity in a workplace ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop building online presence tips

A Check on Your Online Presence

Social media connects the world 24/7, offering vast potential. Not only does it afford global reach, it is the fastest, most economical way to reach target markets. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop confusing English words tips

The 11 Most Confusing English Words

Some English words are spelled and pronounced similarly that they can be confusing . While errors in these may not be evident in conversation, they stick out like a sore thumb in written ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop success tips

How to Gesture Your Way to Success

Not many people realize that body language accounts for 60% of communication, 33% for tone of voice, and only 7% for words used. One knows this instinctively and picks up signals in ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop small talk matters tips

Why Small Talk Matters

Small talk is underestimated. Some people even think it is pointless, and must be avoided. The truth is the art of small talk needs to be cultivated. It is a skill that is called for ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop business tips

How to Attract Customers to Your Business

A business has to be creative in tapping available means to attract customers. As taught in school, the media is the message. With traditional and non-traditional approaches available, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop developing your full potential

The 7 Ways to Develop Your Full Potential

People who set goals know where they are going. They live with a purpose that serves as a roadmap. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, “Aiming for success requires time, focus, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop repeat business tips

How to Guarantee Repeat Business

Businesses realize that 80% of their income comes from 20% of their loyal clients. Hence, it is imperative to cultivate a solid relationship with them. In the long run, winning repeat ... Continue Reading →