TalkShop necktie tips

Choosing the Right Necktie

For business wear, men face wardrobe limitations with navy, grey, and black as main colors for suits. Thanks to the necktie, drab colors can be set off with flair. A tie can make or ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop formal dinner tips

What NOT to Do at a Formal Dinner

One gauge of a person’s breeding is how he behaves at a formal dinner. Formal affairs require fine table manners that can be acquired through training and experience. Sheila Viesca, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop speech tips

10 Best Speech Topics during a Welcome Dinner

A welcome dinner is always capped by a speech. By the time this comes around, the audience would have enjoyed the food and drinks. The welcome speech should blend in with the light ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Personality Tips

10 Ways Your Personality Speaks Even Before You Do

People judge others on the first few seconds of an encounter. Hence, even before one speaks, an impression has already been formed in another’s mind. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop CEO explains, ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Negotiation Tips

When to Say Nothing During Negotiation

After the exchange of information, parties involved in the negotiation start to bargain. This is the critical area when it pays to be cautious by remaining silent. Sheila Viesca, TalkShop ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop business creative thinking tips

Creative Writing Will Not Land You the Job – Creative Thinking Will

These days, companies recognize it takes more than control and conformance to quality standards and work processes to drive success. Creativity has emerged as the most essential ingredient ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop leadership tips

Leadership Training Begins at Home

A school’s curriculum is based mostly on academics. Leadership is hardly ever taught. Parents do not realize that this skill takes roots at home. It is therefore imperative for parents ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop leaders mistake tips

The 10 Mistakes Leaders Should Avoid

A leader should learn to do a juggling act- handling his own load on top of leading his team. Along the way, he has to manage and prioritize. Being a leader entails making decisions ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop negotiation tips

Are you a Good Bargaining Manager or an Expert Negotiator?

Negotiations happen often in the workplace. Even those who think they are not involved in it will be surprised that they are engaged in it regularly. The timeline for projects, scope ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop conversation tips

Learn the 10 Great Conversation Tips

Striking a conversation is not as difficult as it may seem. Whether you have to interview an important person, engage a relative you hardly see, or have to speak with the stranger beside ... Continue Reading →