TalkShop Customer Service Tips

Delivering Outstanding Customer Service through Collaborative Communication

An organization serves two types of customers: External, who patronize its products and services; and internal, who are the employees requiring the services of colleagues or superiors ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Customer Service

10 Ways to Excel in Customer Service

With stiff competition confronting business today , companies will have to gear up on customer service. The bar has been set high. The goal is not only to satisfy customers, but to ... Continue Reading →
TalkShop Exceptional Customer Service Training

TalkShop Delivers Excellent Customer Service Training

Excellent Customer Service is not easy to master. And it definitely does not happen overnight. TalkShop, the leading provider of personal effectiveness trainings, recognize the importance ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Customer Service Training: Promoting Personal Effectiveness

TalkShop once again runs the Customer Service Training for the Department of Transportation and Communications.  Workshop participants get trained on how to give the best service ... Continue Reading →

TalkShop Wows Customer Service Training Participants

 Team TalkShop once again wows workshop participants in another Customer Service training.  TalkShop Consultants Martin Yu and Robert Borjal delivered the interactive workshop to ... Continue Reading →

GSIS Testimonials: Exceptional Customer Service (Batch 3)

      TalkShop Exceptional Customer Service Training ,  24-25 October 2013                                                             ... Continue Reading →

GSIS Testimonials: Exceptional Customer Service (Batch 2)

GSIS Batch 2 Testimonials   Have you ever wondered how exceptional customer service happens?  What to wear, how to walk, how to be positive, how to continue learning, how to serve, ... Continue Reading →

GSIS Testimonials: Exceptional Customer Service (Batch 1)

    GSIS Frontliners train to become better Brand Ambassadors in TalkShop’s Exceptional Customer Service Training.  TalkShop CEO Sheila Viesca and Leadership Coach Claude  Sta. ... Continue Reading →
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